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Looking up our rankings!

Hey Everyone!

I have to admit...every so often I google 'DogaBetix' just to see what pulls up. This time I was surprised to see that several different sites had ranked diabetic dog treats, and was happy to see DogaBetix listed! The following are the sites and rankings, as well as some quotes from the articles about DogaBetix.

First up, we'll start with the sites that listed DogaBetix #1! Whole Dog Journal, as well as both listed us as the best diabetic dog treat on the market. This is the third year in a row that Whole Dog Journal has ranked us #1. Ranked DogaBetix #2 and said "specifically developed for dogs with diabetes. These chicken flavored treats are a great choice for your pet pooch. They are made from all organic, natural low-glycemic index ingredients." Ranked DogaBetix treats #2. "There treats are made by the owners of the online community, which provides loads of resources for anyone caring for a diabetic dog." ranked DogaBetix #3, "DogaBetix dog treats are created with diabetic dogs in mind-but treats that are high in fiber and protein ( and low in sugar and calories) can be a healthy choice for any dog. So if you've got a two-dog household and only one pet needs low-glycemic treats - no worries. They can share!" gave DogaBetix a coveted 5 star rating, and ranked us #3. "To help promote your happy hounds general health, these tasty treats are free from additives and preservatives, as well as free from sugars, corn, flours, dairy, and gluten. So they are also ideal for dogs that have other conditions or issues such as allergies and sensitive stomachs." Ranked us #4. "They are also more affordable than other diabetic friendly treat options. This will surely be a relief for any owner of a diabetic dog as food and treats for such pups can be very expensive."

It's an honor for DogaBetix treats to be recognized by these publications!


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