Everyone needs a treat now and then; and, these seem to satisfy my older, diabetic dog. They also have a good crunch, which helps with keeping tartar off his teeth. - Marcia, Las Vegas, NV

These are amazing. My dog loves them and its perfect since he is Diabetic. Caroline, Altus, OK

My dog was recently diagnosed as a diabetic. She is on insulin twice a day, and these treats do not interfere with her sugar at all. Plus, the added pumpkin helps keep her bowel movements regular which is something she was struggling with. Stephanie, Canton, GA

I have a diabetic dog and these treats are one of his favorites. It’s hard to find treats that are safe for him to eat. - Shirley, Hanover, MD

I wanted a treat for my diabetic schnauzer. She seems to like them and this combo package is a good savings. Special-diet dog treats are extremely expensive and the average person has difficulty determining which treats are really for a diabetic dog. So far so good! - Lynn, Litchfield,IL

The snacks did not raise the dog's glucose level and he likes them! - Ronald C., Toledo, OH

My dear diabetic side kick loves these treats - and I can feel good about giving 'em to him! - Wayne M., San Pedro, CA

I discovered this product a couple of months ago and my diabetic dog loves these treats. It hasn't done anything that I know of to change her blood sugar counts and best of all, I can order online and they arrive at my door to a tail wagging happy Golden !! - Vicki, Winchester, MA

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