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We know it's difficult caring for your diabetic dog. Our helpful tips will make it a little bit easier.

Canine Diabetes Research

Canine diabetes is still a relatively "new" disease. Check out the latest research about diabetes in dogs.

Resources for Diabetic Dogs

Canine diabetes is a very manageable disease with the proper care and nutrition. Though diabetes in dogs can not be cured, it can be managed through exercise, the right food, and regular insulin shots. Unfortunately for diabetic dog owners, there is no "recipe" that works for every dog. Depending on breed, size, weight, and age, veterinarians will advise a different regime to keep diabetes in check.


In our Resources section, we've compiled the latest research about canine diabetes, as well as tips and recommendations for how best to keep diabetes-related issues like somogyi rebound at bay. Our advice is simply that--it should not replace the specific instructions given by your veterinarian. We hope you find our resources helpful and we welcome any feedback and advice that you have as you treat your diabetic dog.

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