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February DogaBetix Dog of the Strydor!

We are proud to announce that Strydor has been named our DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month for February! Read more about Strydor and don't forget to nominate your dog for a future dog of the month as well!

Name: Strydor

Breed: Yorkie Mix

Age: 16

Favorite Activity: Rolling around with squeaker toys and being the alpha dog!

Human Parents: Kim

About Strydor: Strydor has just turned 16 years young and acquired diabetes about 9 months ago. We noticed he started drinking a lot. Then his eyes started getting cloudy. Our vet told us the news. Over night Strydor went blind. He adapted so well, but, went from being in control of his brothers and sister to no longer being the Alpha. The biggest and toughest challenge we've faced with our furbaby is diet. The vet recommended the prescription diet, which he is on. There is little info out there on dog food and treats for diabetic dogs. Labels don't tell you the carb count. We are still on the hunt for other foods. The best advice I can give for other diabetic dog owners is don't give up. It's a commitment but one so worth it. Also, I've found one of the cheapest places to get insulin is Walmart! Love your furbaby all the time. Be patient and loving. I still feel Strydor has a lot left in him and we will do all we can to make his life the best ever!

Thank you to Kim and Strydor for sharing your story! We hope you enjoy the treats!

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