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March DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month - Meet Reggie!

Name: Reggie

Human Parent's Name: Maya

Age: 11 years old

Breed: Dachshund

Favorite Activity: Sleeping!

Biggest Challenge While Treating Reggie: Reggie was diagnosed a year ago, he is diabetic and has cataracts in his eyes so he can't really see very well, but he's managing to get by!

Advice for Other Diabetic Dog Owners: My advice for other diabetic dog owners is to stick to the same food, at the same time, and in the same amount (weigh it to make sure) each day. Also, make sure to take the same walks at the same time each day. We aim to have a routine for Reggie to help him regulate his blood sugar as best we can!

Thank you Maya and Reggie for sharing your story and we hope you enjoy the treats!

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