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Keeping Your Diabetic Pup Safe During the Holidays!

During the fall, there are all kinds of dangers that dogs can get in to. From accidentally being left outside during a surprise snow storm, to eating too much Thanksgiving people food, you'll need to keep a keen eye on your dogs and puppies! Here are a few tips:

1) Limit Table Scraps

It's easy to over feed your dogs during the holidays, especially since you're probably over feeding yourself! Drastically increasing the amount of food you give your dog, especially a diabetic one, can have serious negative consequences on their overall health. Remember also that chicken and turkey bones are choking hazards; fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis; and grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs.

2) Pay Extra Attention to Outdoor Dogs

The fall presents a few dangers specifically for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors. First, fleas are at a peak during this time of the year, so it's important to make sure they are up to date on their flea and tick medication. Second, allergies from pollen and mold can flare up, so watch for itchy eyes and runny noses. Finally, make sure to keep your yard clean--plant products like acorns and oak leaves cause cause severe internal damage when ingested.

Below is a great infographic from with more details about of the dangers (and advantages) your dogs face during the fall. Do you have any tips for keeping your pets healthy during the holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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