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September DogaBetix Dog of the Month - Meet Reilly!

Name : Reilly

Human Parents Name: Sherry

Breed: Mixed ( Corgi and Shepherd )

Age : 10

Reilly's Story: Everybody meet Reilly, our DogaBetix Dog of the Month! Reilly is a 10 year old mixed breed. His dad, Tiger, was part Corgi and his mom, Sophie, is part German Shepherd. Although Reilly was the runt of a litter of 5 puppies, today he weighs 32 pounds! Reilly was diagnosed with diabetes in November of 2015. Reilly's owners say that he loves his DogaBetix treats and receives 2 after his insulin shots. Reilly, thank you for submitting your story and picture, and your complimentary treats and home test kit is on the way!!

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