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August DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month - Meet Koolie!

Name: Koolie

Human Parents Name: Kendra

Age: 10

Breed: Pitbull

Koolie's Story:

9 years ago a man stopped me on the street admiring my boxer/pit Shyne and proceeded to tell me about this dog that lived next door to me that was chained to a tree, neglected, abused... no shelter in the cold winter or hot summer months. He was 11 months old. He gave me his number and the next day i called him. He said he would call me back when the owner was gone. That next day i was putting Koolie (aka Kool-aid) in my car. The next several months were tough. i could go on and on about stories which included completely demolishing a brand new leather couch, waking up to him growling in my face, not knowing if i could invite people over. Well, Koolie is 10 now and probably the best decision i have ever made. He has brought Shyne and I so much joy. They are best friends. if you visit my home, Koolie will be in your lap within 5 minutes giving you kisses. He enjoys convertible rides, swimming in the lake, going to my parents farm, playing with my sisters dogs and chasing squirrels. Koolie was diagnosed with diabetes this spring. When i got the news, i was devasted but it's actually been going great. The vet said we caught it very early and he was regulated pretty quickly.

Biggest Challenge while treating Koolie: I would have to say the biggest challenge has been diet for me . Having a picky dog eater, I need to make sure he eats before his shot. I find myself cooking a lot of chicken , eggs, lean hamburger to add to his Royal Canin dry food. The expense has been a lot too.

Advice for other owners of diabetic dogs: If newly diagnosed, don't panic like I did . With good vet support, you will be able to provide the right care for your pet and ensure many more happy years together !

Thanks again Kendra and Koolie! And don't forget to nominate your diabetic dog for a future dog of the month as well!

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