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April DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month - Meet Jasper!

Name: Jasper

Human Parent's Name: Melanie

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Black Lab

Favorite Activity: Playing ball and taking walks

Jasper's Story: We adopted Jasper three weeks ago. He's a rescue dog and is blind with diabetes but we have found he is EXTREMELY intelligent. I really would not want to face him in an IQ competition! He learns commands almost instantly, he can be a little stubborn about coming when called, but he is making great progress with that. He thinks he is in heaven because we run a B&B and he has somebody with him literally 24/7. If he is not walking or playing, he is sleeping next to my wife in the office or hogging the bed at night. He has mastered the steps well and guests are amazed when we tell them he is blind! Having a constant companion seems reassuring to him.

Biggest Challenge While Treating Jasper: Since he is getting much more exercise and walks we had to adjust his insulin levels down as we did crash a couple of times. Since we have dropped them a bit he has responded very well.

Advice for Other Diabetic Dog Owners: We are so thankful to the HANDDS Group for saving him - his owner had taken him in to be put to sleep. While having a dog with challenges (blind and diabetic) is not everyone's dream, and NOT what we were looking for, all we can say is WOW, what a great dog! We are so impressed with him and we feel that we are the ones who are lucky to have found him!

Thank you Melanie and Jasper for sharing your story and we hope you enjoy the treats!

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