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October DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month! Meet Stanlee!

Name: Stanlee

Human Parents Name: Robyn

Breed: Maltese/Yorkie Mix (A Morkie!)

Age: 8

Age when first diagnosed: 7

Stanlee's story: Everybody meet Stanlee, our DogaBetix Dog of the Month! When Stanlee was diagnosed, his parents decided that they couldn't care for a special needs dog. Stanlee was adopted by Robyn from a rescue center, and now has several brothers and sisters he gets to play with every day! Robyn says that if Stanlee doesn't get his shot at the usual time, he barks to let her know! Stanlee loves sqeaky toys and laying on his back begging for belly rubs! Thank you to Robyn and especially Stanlee for submitting your story and picture, and your complimentary treats and home test kit are on the way!

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