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May DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month

Name: Ti Ti (short for "Tiny Tiger")

Human Parent's Name: Diane

Age: 3 1/2 years old

Breed: Japanese Chin

Favorite Activity: Playing fetch with his toys - he will toss them in the air and catch them if he can't get me to play!

Ti Ti's Story: We only became aware of Ti's condition after he had an acute attack of pancreatitis and almost lost him. He was at the critical care hospital for 3 days and I was absolutely paralyzed with fear of losing him. This is our first venture into the Toy group, and I've now decided that Japanese Chine are the most intelligent, fun, and handsome breed yet. We absolutely adore him!

Biggest Challenge While Treating Ti Ti: He has a voracious appetite! He hates his food and loves mine, and is becoming food aggressive (in a toy sort of way!).

Advice for Other Diabetic Dog Owners: Try to find a specialist in metabolic diseases in canines - or if you have a farily local veterinary school, see if they have someone who specializes. My vet did call one of the professors at her school and consulted with him about Ti's food and changed the brand. We are hoping that he likes this food better.

Thanks Diane and Ti Ti for sharing your story with us!

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