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June DogaBetix Diabetic Dog of the Month - Meet Gertie!

Name: Gertie

Human Parent's Name: Sarah

Age: 9 years

Breed: Mix

Favorite Activity: Playing with her soccer ball!

Gertie's Story: I adopted Gertie from the local humane society in 2006. She thinks she is a pug because that's the only other dog I've ever had! She never gives any other kind of dogs the time of day, and her best friend is our cat Wrigley! She is very loving and is always very excited to greet anyone that comes to the door.

Biggest Challenge While Treating Gertie: Gertie was diagnosed with diabetes in May and it's been difficult trying to make sure she gets the same treatment (like getting treats!) as our other dogs.

Advice for Other Diabetic Dog Owners: Don't get discouraged!

Thanks Sarah and Gertie for sharing your story with us!

-- Rob & Ella

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