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We're Dogabetix™, a site dedicated to providing the owners of diabetic dogs a place to find information, interactive support, blogs, as well as treats made with ingredients safe for diabetic dogs.

I started DogaBetix when my own dog Ella was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012. When Ella was first diagnosed, I had no idea where to even start gathering resources and help. I had so many questions, and my vet only had so much time to answer my frantic calls. I spent a ton of money and time over the next 6 months  scouring the internet trying to find answers for how to care for Ella, and treats that were safe for her. I realized that there wasn't one single place online that had resources for caring for diabetic dogs, as well as treats for sale. Why did I have to search through so many websites to get what I needed? DogaBetix exists so that no one else has to spend all that time and money to ask that question again!


Rob & Ella

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